The college maintains Boy's Hostel and Girls Hostel in the college campus. A male student intending to reside in the college hostel will have to abide by all the rules and regulations of the Hostel. A Hostel Super supervises the hostel activities of the college.
The Fee structure of the hostel is given below:
Fee Structure for College Hostel

  • 1. Seat Rent 3 months x Rs. 105/- per month : Rs. 300.00
  • 2. Admission Fee : Rs. 1000.00
  • 3. Caution Deposit : Rs. 80.00
  • 4. Establishment Fee : Rs. 200.00
  • 5. Common Room Fee : Rs. 50.00
  • 6. Sports Fee : Rs. 50.00
  • 7. Utensils Fee : Rs. 50.00
  • 8. TV Fee : Rs. 50.00
  • 9. Other Fees : Rs. 45.00
  • 10. Electricity fee @75/-per month(3 months x Rs. 75) : Rs. 50.00
  • 11.Fan Fee Rs. 20/- per month(3 months x Rs. 20) Total : Rs. 1285.00 Item Nos.
  • 4 to 11: Payable once per session. Item Nos.
  • 1 to 3: Payable for each month.


  • i) Students are expected to be well-behaved and amenable to discipline and not to do anything that interferes with the progress of students or with the harmonious and quiet atmosphere of the College.
  • ii) Students are expected to treat members of the staff and their fellow students with courtesy both in and outside the College.
  • iii) When assembled, every class must consider itself responsible for the conduct of its members.
  • iv) Students must not enter or leave the class without the permission of the teacher.
  • v) Students are not to enter the Principals room without his permission. Not more than one student is to enter at a time. Squatting or Shouting in the Chamber of the Principal is a punishable offence.
  • vi) Students must not create any disturbance in the classes, Principals office, Examination halls, College and G.B. meetings and Union functions in any way. Loitering in the corridors is strictly prohibited.
  • vii) Noisy and disorderly conduct in the College premises, impersonation at roll call, using unfair means at Examinations, defiance of Authority and of Teachers, damaging and defacing of College property are serious offences and will be severely dealt with.
  • viii) Students must obey the directives of the Principal issued from time to time according to the exigencies of circumstances.
  • ix) Students must not do anything that constitutes a breach of discipline under the University regulations.
  • x) The Principal holds the authority to strike off the roll of a student or expel a boarder from the hostel as and when he deems it fit and proper.
  • xi) Students are not allowed to approach, either individually or in a group, any member of the high Government Officials or Governing Body except with the previous permission of the Principal in writing. They are also not permitted to submit any petition or representation to the G.B. or any member thereof, or any high Govt. Official except through the Principal.
  • xii) The College has recently set up a Grievance Redressal Cell. Students can seek proper redressal for their genuine grievances under the guidelines of that cell.

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