Minutes of IQAC for the Academic Session 2019-2020
Date Minutes Action Taken
30.08.2019 1 CAS for Prof. Sultan Ali, Dr Biswajit Das, Dr.ParthaProtim Chandra IQAC verified all CAS related papers and recommended the placement and promotion of the three teachers.
2 Feedback analysis of students The students’ feedback isanalyzed and report uploaded on college website.
3 Preparation for the requisition of Teaching Staff pattern for recently opened subjects. Principal is requested to move the papers for sanctioning the Teaching Posts in the newly opened subjects.
30.11.2019 1 Shifting of few Departments in the New Composite Building. After discussion with all departments IQAC proposed to shift the Botany, Zoology, English, Commerce, Pol. Sc., Sanskrit & Mathematics departments to the New Composite Building.
2 Allocation of fund for purchasing furniture and equipment. A proposal is given to the principal to approve fund for purchasing furniture and equipment of those shifted departments.
3 Arrangement of internal Exams. of the odd semesters. Programs are prepared for the internal examinations of odd semesters.
29.02.2020 1 To upload the documents of GL, PTT, CWTT for their engagement as SACT A program is prepared and few Guest Lecturers are deputed for uploading the documents.
2 To recommend CAS for Dr. A. S. Pal, Dr. P. Biswas, Dr. Mahua Bandhu Chatterjee IQAC verified all CAS related papers and recommended the placement and promotion of the three teachers.
3 Approval of fund for departmental excursion Principal is requested to approve fund in favor of some depts. for excursion.
30.05.2020 (online meeting) 1 To organize seminar and workshop in different departments Depts. are requested to arrange seminar or workshop as far as possible.
(online meeting) 2 To arrange online fixation of the TS and NTS of the college. A panel of TS and NTS is prepared and recommended for doing the fixation work
3 Proposal for arranging the web-based online classroom set up Principal is requested to set up the web-based classroom network for students.
4 Review of online teaching by different Departments Online teaching performances reviewed and discussed along with recording of attendance of students on class

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