Institutional Distinctiveness:
Founded in 1943 by the side of the Ganga, Kalna College, a pretty seventy-five-year-old college, owns remarkable distinctiveness for which it is one of the best colleges in the state of West Bengal. It is situated in a place at Kalna Town easily approachable by bus, train, bi-cycle and boat from different directions. Because of the various attractive aspects and merits of the college, students- both girls and boys, get admitted from far and wide and from all socio-economic, caste, tribal and minority backgrounds. The roll strength of the college surpasses six thousand and the number of girl student is more than sixty per cent. It is significant that the girl-students feel an extra facility and safety in this college for which the guardians also feel a sense of relief. It is very remarkable that although the college runs short of adequate number of non-teaching staff and faces related problems, yet the students are very enthusiastic for admission in this college. It is a prime example of the fair idea cherished by the guardians of the locality and beyond. Most mention worthy fact is that the girl-students of this co-ed college have never been sexually assaulted or humiliated. It is a proud pronouncement on the part of the college. Actually, the college produces intellectually sound, morally upright and socially concerned men and women who know well how to distinguish between the fair and foul and make themselves ethically straight and strong.
Kalna College encourages and welcomes students for debates discussions among themselves on different issues- social, political, economic, philosophical and global. The college shows a gesture to let divergent ideas grow in the students mind to make them find out on their own the broader views and avenues of life and the world. Consequently, there is a cohesive body, an open forum, constituted in the college that maintains unity and harmony in the institution. The college represent diversity and plurality of thoughts and opinions needed for wellbeing of the individuals, society and country. The college also strives best for administrative success and academic excellence.
The college despite having inadequate infrastructure has been continuing PG courses in Bengali and English since 2017, and the students have obtained by this time brilliant success even ranks in the University Examination conducted by the University of Burdwan. College has been following the semester system and internal evaluation system with credit assigned to each course. The college teaches as many as 15 Honours Courses besides generic courses in Arts, Science and Commerce; special mention may be made of College’s B. Ed. Course having two hundred students and fifteen Teachers. The Kalna College students of sports and games (girls included) obtain great distinction by constantly winning a championship in the last forty years.
Remarkably, each department has been provided with computer, laptop and internet facility. College has website and Internet Portal to provide access to IT infrastructure. The college has constituted various cells for specific purposes to provide support for its smooth administration and management, such as – Grievance Redressal Cell, Women’s Cell, Anti-ragging Cell, Institutional Ethics Review Cell, Language Laboratory, Career Counselling Cell et al. Also College has some teachers who are members as well of some expert committees like School Service Commission (SSC).
Most remarkable is that Kalna College stands for humanism, communal harmony, tolerance, rationalism, scientific enquiry and the adventure of ideas and the search of truth. Its mission and vision is to produce students who are good citizens and above all good human beings, with such a shining distinctiveness Kalna College may be termed as an ‘Ideal College’.

State Level Youth-Parliament Quiz Contest First Prize Winners

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Felicitation to Dr. P. S. Mukhopadhyay (Bhatnagar Awardee-2016) an Ex. Teacher

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Discussion on Career Opportunities for College Students by Career Counselling Cell

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