“Depth of understanding involves something which is more than merely a matter of deconstructive alertness; it involves a measure of interpretative charity and at least the beginnings of a wide responsiveness.”

The concept of education in the globalised world and the national harmony in a multi-ethnic and multi-cultural country like India stands firm if the above quoted objective is followed truly. Especially national integration required for the proper development of education strengthens its roots and growth. Therefore enlightenment about national diversity actually helps building up the national consciousness. Our educational institution from the very inception has played a seminal role in this context. Kalna College, situated in the District of PurbaBardhaman district, caters educational needs to students, both girls and boys, representing various strata of society including religious and ethnic groups. The area has Hindu and Muslim population, various scheduled castes and tribes having different economic backgrounds. Integrating all the students under one roof and also teaching them the idea of empirical education and unity in diversity are therefore imperative on the part of the institution. Taking this oath in heart Kalna College has always celebrated various days of national glory with pride and enthusiasm.

The Practice:
The institution has a motto and vision to elevate the students’ standard of education (especially to the first generation learners of the minority and the backward castes and tribes) to make it at par with that of the best of the colleges of the state and the country, and hence the institution has been upgrading the method of teaching through power point presentation, interdisciplinary approach and modern ingenuity. Also the institution helps the students to review books, participate in debate, social issues and in national programmes. They are inspired to watch video of noble lectures, visit place of interest and attend pictorial representation of teaching by the teachers. Besides, the new semester system (CBCS) introduced in 2017 by the University of Burdwan has been rapidly gathering momentum and of course appreciably. Feeling of nationalism is crucial in the sense that a nation’s development is depend on this concept. A nation well integrated and developing progressively with a strengthened base of national integration will definitely reach its pinnacle of glory and success within a specific period. India being a diverse land of different ethno-linguistic and religious groups aims to sustain (both internally and externally) peacefully respecting the diversity of the land. This goal can be truly achieved only if the concept of national integration is well embedded in the heart and soul of every Indian citizen. The best training one can achieve at Kalna College is through the educational system where the curriculums intend to teach students through science, economics, history, philosophy, political science, literature, language et al. Therefore a proper institutional training helps in imparting education and constructing a national consciousness which in turn gives rise to a strong feeling of assimilation within the nation, and a deep respect for the Indian Constitution promoting the concepts of liberty equality fraternity and justice for a democratic ambience so that all and sundry can breathe a fresh air.
To substantiate the point some examples are valuable in the context. The institution observes with equal fervour the Saraswati Puja, the Christmas Day, the Iftar, the Buddha Purnima, and the Guru Nanak’s Birth Day etc. It is a ritual at Kalna College to observe the Independence Day, the Republic Day, the Gandhi Jayanti and the RabindraJayanti. On 19th November the National Integration day is celebrated by the NCC cadres of the campus enlightening the spirit of EktaDiwas.

Evidence of Success:
To keep up with the spirit of unity in diversity and national integrity the college is going on to surpass its limited field of activity only in the college campus; in various ways it is getting integrated to the society in a large scale to bridge between the college and the common run of people. Hence the local people are coming very close to the college and cooperating for its flourish in multifarious developments characteristic of a modern academic institution.

  • • The Regular observation of Republic Day, Independence Day is a regular feature of the campus;
  • • The Blood Donation camp, organised by the institution, sets an example of how to stand by the nation during the time of need;
  • • Campaign for the awareness to prevent the spread of Dengue;
  • • Occasion of the observation of the Yoga Day;
  • • Joint venture of Kalna College and SDO office, Kalna (2018) for registration of new voters vis a vis NOTA and Adult Suffrage;

Blood Donation Camp Organized by the Students’ Union

Awareness Campaign to Prevent the Spread of Dengue

Observation of YOGA Day

Street Drama for Awareness of Voters

Street Drama for Awareness of Voters

Voting Awareness Programme as Described by Election Commission

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